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Since this unique strain was first introduced to the world by California’s Koda Farms in 1963, Kokuho Rose® has upheld its universally recognized standard of excellence through extensive agriculture programs and unsurpassed milling standards. Kokuho Rose® is the trademark and exclusive property of the Koda family, a third generation enterprise that is the oldest continually family-owned and operated rice farm and mill in California, which alone produces the pure strain of this specific variety. Kokuho Rose® is a unique blend of two seeds, resulting in rice perfection: the medium Calrose grain is crossed with a sweet rice grain for a sweeter taste and plumpness. Although Koda Farms owns the rights to this special seed, some farmers can grow the rice in California. Only a truly fine Japanese restaurant will use Kokuho Rose®.

Inspired by the legend of “Three Sacred Treasures”, Keisaburo Koda created the Kokuho Rose® logo to honour his family.

Mythological inspiration starts with the eight-sided mirror symbolizing self-reflection. This mirror shows one the true nature of the soul. Placed at the base of this mirror is a heavenly sword. With strength and sharpness the bearer of this sword is able to act with knowledge and swift decision. The spiritual jewels of gentleness and amiability are placed next to the sword, as the logo is finished off with the Kanji characters of Kokuho, or “Treasure of the Country”.

More importantly for you, these characters mean the bag is filled with rice “of the utmost quality”.

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