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If you have ever been for Dim Sum you have probably had sweet rice. Each kernel is very fat & short in length when compared to other rices. It has a chalky white, opaque kernel & when cooked it is very sticky & noticeably sweet.

Sweet rice makes great dim sum dishes like Chong or Lo Mai Gai (white sticky rice with meats inside, often including Chinese sausage, wrapped in lotus leaves). Traditional uses would be to take cooked sweet rice & pound with wooden mallets in a traditional mortar. Two people would alternate the work, one pounding & the other turing & wetting the Mochi. They must keep a steady rhythm to avoid accidentally injuring each other:0 Modern techniques would be to buy rice flour:) Regardless of how they are made, Mochi balls are one of our personal favorites!

Sweet rice is not boiled like most other kinds of rice. Instead it is best prepared with a steamer. Its stickiness makes it a fun choice, sure to be enjoyed by the whole family.

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