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Our personal favourite brown rice, Kokuho Rose® Brown is ideal if you are making the transition to brown rice. This premium rice is slightly sweet and does a good job of masking brown rice’s very bran-forward texture and taste. People think of brown rice as hard and chewy, but Kokuho Rose® is beautifully soft and sticky. Give it to your kids — we guarantee they’ll eat it!

Kokuho Rose® Brown rice possesses a rich nutty flavour due to the presence of bran. Slightly chewy in texture with a subtle sweet taste, it is also high in vitamins and minerals. Kokuho Rose® Brown rice averages less than industry standard’s 4% broken kernels, making this a true sacred treasure to the rice connoisseur.

Inspired by the legend of “Three Sacred Treasures”, Keisaburo Koda created the Kokuho Rose® logo to honour his family.

Mythological inspiration starts with the eight-sided mirror symbolizing self-reflection. This mirror shows one the true nature of the soul. Placed at the base of this mirror is a heavenly sword. With strength and sharpness the bearer of this sword is able to act with knowledge and swift decision. The spiritual jewels of gentleness and amiability are placed next to the sword, as the logo is finished off with the Kanji characters of Kokuho, or “Treasure of the Country”.

More importantly for you, these characters mean the bag is filled with rice “of the utmost quality”.

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